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Laser Crystals

Ytterbium-doped CaF2 crystals

Ytterbium doped Laser Crystals Properties

Hellma Materials Yb3+:CaF2 is a unique laser crystal with outstanding properties:

  • Absorption peak wavelength 980 nm
  • Long fluorescence lifetime 2.4 ms
  • Dopant concentration 1-3 at%
  • Diameter up to 150 mm
  • Index homogeneity <5 ppm

Laser Crystals Applications

Laser Crystal

Based on ultra-pure CaF2 crystals Hellma Materials Yb3+:CaF2 is a high performance laser crystal which enables the design of next generation high efficiency solid state lasers.

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Download Laser Crystals data sheet

Download data sheet (2.8 MB)