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Hellma Materials

In April 2010, the Hellma Group took over Schott Lithotec´s calcium fluoride production. It will continue its business, now called Hellma Materials, at its site in Jena, Germany. High-quality calcium fluoride crystals grown from purest (synthetic) raw material are required for illumination and projection optics in 248 nm, 193 nm and 193 nm immersion micro / lithography technologies and laser applications.

The Hellma Group

Highest precision is fascinating! Optical components made of glass, quartz glass or calcium fluoride - as an essential key element, they serve reliably in facilities, instruments and machinery and thus ensure best possible results within various applications. Since 1922, Hellma has developed one-of-a-kind products and solutions, and is first class all over the world for well-known manufacturer in industry, technology and research.

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